2019 VIP Models

2019 VIP Models

Grace 14 y.o. amazing returning Model that is my fun on-pointe go to model. 

Melanie 15 y.o. First year model hoping to open up that shell

Corinne 10 y.o. beautiful returning model.  Fun, beautiful smile she is top notch elegant with a fun kid flare. 

Kaitlyn 15 y.o. just amazing returning model.  Elegant, beautiful ballerina. I'm sure we will have another amazing year of photos.

Bella 7 y.o. returning fierce model.  Fun, exciting and works hard to accomplish.  

Violet 9 y.o.  My spawn of beauty. Mini Me with a fun style and old school Pageant grace.  Another fun year for her. 

Amorette 7 y.o. first year fashionista We will open up that potential.

Olivia 16 y.o. first year strong ballerina excited to get to know this beauty

Gabby 8 y.o. first year from across the state.  She is a competition dancer excited to see all of her potential

Lily 7 y.o. first year model. She is amazing and when we open up that dancers box she is going to shine

Emma 7 y.o. first year sweet kind young dancer and posing professional.

Hannah 15 y.o. Returning for another year of amazing photos.  Fierce dancer and will be a great professional at the glam.  

Isabellah 9 y.o. Brand new to the model world but I believe she will be amazing and beautiful at it.  Welcome Isabellah.

Danielle 10 y.o. second year model. Growing in dance and acrobatic abilities.  Can't wait to see what you accomplish this year. 

Pria 6 y.o. First year young fun will make a great addition to the family

Thank You

2018 VIP Models

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