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The NEW 2016

Amazing what a new year, a pot of coffee and a rainy day will make you create.

Selfie much?

Welcome to my NEW Blog! Grab your coffee and your camera and lets have a good time.

For 2016 I decided to be more online active. Up until now I could care less about posting or showing off my photography. The way I viewed posting my art online was the same way I view folding laundry "No thanks maybe later". For those of you with littles that I've had the pleasure of photographing I always knew it was a BIG deal to get those new fun shots up to show off to your people. Other then getting them up onto the site for purchasing I was in NO big hurry to have them on my social media or blog sites. So for 2016 I will make sure I give a little love on all pages for all to see, with signed contract and model release of course. The old Blog can still be found here Please keep it for any future references you may need to win a bet and go back and see that I've always been crappy at blogging. Raise your coffee cups *Here's to the new Blog may it always have something interesting, educational and fun in it *Cheers* See you all soon with some gallery projects. Keep it Snappy! (see what I did there? Too much?) P. Hollis

ViGee Photographer

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