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Where have you been?...

Where have you been?

The question of the month it seems. Well I've been working on working to work on some projects. Make sense? Well, I'm working on it.

Yes, I've been out of the posting photos online game for a while. When you have so many different corners of your job that is all piled into one place sometimes a few small details will get skipped over. And YES posting photos online is a small detail for this business. Finally I did talk little Princess Violet Grace into having her Spring photos done. This is actually a composite photo... no really it is. It is the two photos below made into one photo I swear it. We needed a smile but also really loved the body posture, the bird in her hand, the frame of the swing. So two become one, and wallah, the photo hanging on the wall.

No, I am sorry, I do not do classes. Wouldn't take away from those that have taught me. So please go to my blog post with the list of recommendations to get you start on the right path. Any questions please message me or send me an email I'll get you to the right place (I.M.O. of course).


In other photo news. This little gem has become a tattoo...

Well part of it has. Finally got a photo turned into a tattoo. Seriously, this is awesome. Amazing work from Legendary Tattoo, Tarpon Springs, FL.


So beyond that... The Wilcox-Niznik girls were in-front of my camera again.

It was, as always, a good time. They are 12 y.o. and 18 months so the unwilling to cooperate, the small sadness (because the bubbles were blowing away from her not at her) and the look of "why are we sitting here and not playing sister" was all to be expected.

It all worked out in the end and Mom got a sweet photos of the sisterly love. Soon we will take a few photos of JUST Madison with her hair down.


Calling all beauties in need of photos...

Still taking appointments with a weekend schedule. Soon I will be opening up some weekday times mid-mornings and afternoon/sunset times. Please go to Book a Session and lets get together. Graduation, recitals, cheer or any other reason you may need your child's photo taken please schedule now come mid-May into June I will book up pretty fast for those things.


Thank you for hanging in there with me. Hope to see you soon and capture your moments.

Coffee Time, cheers!

P. Hollis


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