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Field photography?

What do you mean you are heading out to do some Field Photography?

Just a few days ago I was asked just that when I posted on my personal FB page that I was heading out to do it. Well Field Photography is just that, taking photos of fields. These field photos are then lightly processed and re-sized (for loading purposes) and put into my ViGee Store where you, my possible consumer, can buy a copy of one and use it as a digital backdrop or just take pieces of it to fill in a photo. Simple stuff right?

Well feel free to click on over to my Etsy ViGee Store and see those photos and a few other digital templates that I have created.

Buy 2 and use code: BOGOBACKDROPS for a 50% off discount.

ENJOY and I'll see you in the Field...

P. Hollis


ViGee Photo Artistry & Design.