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Calling all Dancers!

Calling all dancers!

Recitals are here and if you are a 2016 Senior I am offering a FREE photo session for you.

Mid-Morning Dancers Shoot

Please BOOK NOW (*Click it) Go to the 2 hour outdoor session and choose the Senior Dancers Private Session. Sessions are being booked and held through June, 2016.

If you have any questions please contact me here or on Facebook messenger.

For your time and modeling I am offering a 2 hour session in an outdoor setting. You will receive an online gallery of photo images where you will or can pick up to 5 Hi-Res photos to download for free. You are welcome to print them or use them as needed for your dancing needs. These will be artistic photos of my style of photography. Light bouncing, sun splashing ViGee Photo Artistry& Design original style of photography. My Idea for this year is to have your backdrop be a clothes-line of your past recital costumes, so bring your favorites for us to hang and you too can have a keep sake photograph of your senior year. For more details make an appointment at the Book a Session site or contact me and we can talk about it and schedule it for you.

Thank you so much to my first Dance Model Miranda, you are amazing and good luck in all of your dancing adventures.

Paula H.

ViGee Photo Artistry & Design

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