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2018 ViGee VIP Model Search

My 2018 VIP ViGee Model entry is open!

Currently I have enough 6-9 y.o.(sorry, I will deny any in that age range) but am looking for well-behaved easy to take directions 3-5 y.o. and 10+ would love to have a few ballerina's, on point is a plus. Also hoping for some teenage males to sign up. Remember, to be picked for this as a model you must be simple to work with. Wear things the way I want you to wear them, stand in ways I want you to stand and be an easy going good trooper when it comes to locations (some have bugs, might be dirty). This is a modeling gig and not a paid session so please only sign up yourself or your child if they are really into it. 😘📷

Click this link>>

Click to join the group and answer the questions to see if you will be allowed to be a part of the 2018 ViGee VIP Models. Model sessions will start mid January and will happen through-out the year. If you have any questions please ask don't be shy!!

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