Upcoming join me shoots:

* April 26th Video release - Dancer at the beach.  Learn about Sunrise, not as popular but very pretty.  My favorite

* May 3rd Video release - Child at the park, 8 y.o. lets talk about shooting in the middle of the day with Florida lighting (Sunshine state don't fail me now).  Challenge accepted!

* At your Studio, recital costume photos, seamless paper, indoor lighting and more.

* Performance/Recital stage photography.  Get the best shots at your child's recitals.

* Child portrait set up.  Flowers, swing, circles, ribbons and a very pretty dress.  At the park, evening warm-light behind the subject.  No problem lets do it.  Learn how!

* City Dancer.  Downtown city area with a dancer is always amazing. Come and join me.  Middle of the day, in a city, amazing dancer.  Use those shadows to your advantage.

Coming Soon

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